Background / History

When Bio-Rad Cell Science Division was sold to Carl Zeiss the production of the popular Bio-Rad range of confocal microscopes was discontinued. Consequently many of the support staff around the world became redundant. Among those was Allan Anderson who was, for nearly 13 years, the Asia Pacific confocal Technical Support Manager.

Allan could see an immediate need for the service of the existing Bio-Rad customers and so in 2004 he formed Clear State Solutions Pty Ltd. From meagre beginnings, Clear State Solutions quickly grew in scope, facilities and stature to the point where it became widely acknowledged as one of the leading service and support organsations in the Asian region.

The reasons for this were simple. Clear State Solutions had, from its start, enjoyed superior laboratory facilities where laser and confocal service could be performed to a quality standard that was unrivalled in the region. Coupled to this was Allan Anderson's extensive knowledge and experience in confocal and laser service, his extremely successful track record in service and design and his ability to successfully complete tasks that most other service organisations would not even consider attempting.

Of course, all things must end. This was true of the laser and confocal service market in the Asia/Pacific region so a new path was needed. Around 2008 Clear state Solutions started the design and manufacture of microscope incubation chambers with a view to supporting the growing Live Cell study disciplines. The traditional methods proved inadequate and in some cases quite wrong so Clear State Solutions developed a new controller based on Fuzzy logic and new methods of maintaining heat and gas concentrations around the cells under study. Since then Clear State Solutions has grown to be the market leader in the Australian and New Zealand region for microscope incubation chamber design with in excess of 80 installations in universities, research laboratories and IVF clinics.

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