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Clear State Solutions Pty Ltd is a service, repair and development company that offers full service and application support to the Scientific Instrument industry. 

Clear State Solutions specialises in:

1. Design and manufacture of microscope incubation products for Live Cell  studies.
2. Confocal microscope repair, application support and maintenance.
3. Custom electronic design and modification services.

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Allan Anderson
2 Meadow Cres.
Mount Waverley
Vic. 3149

Mob: +61 402 097 806
Email: allan@clearstate.net.au
 An incubation chamber mounted on an Olympus
 BX53 at Auckland University (NZ). It is gas
 sealed for high CO2 concentration studies
 and its associated controller can control
 temperature, CO2 concentration
 and oxygen tension.

 All CSS chambers are custom designed
 to suit your specific installation and
 are made of 6mm acrylic (any colour)
 with some polycarbonate and acetyl components.
 Gas seals are silicon rubber.
BX53 open doors
Our latest sample chambers have an optional
irrigation well. All sample chambers
are made to your specifications from
either anodised aluminium or a combination
of acrylic and acetyl.
The base design size is typically that
of a standard multi-well plate but is
not restricted to it.
sample chambers

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